• Meach’s 12 Days of Giving [Day 7]

    December 5, 2018
    The Sis Kiss Clutch

    Happy Hump Day, friends! Are you all ready for your Hump Day Treat? 😉

    Today’s 12 Days of Giving is sponsored by a small business started by two sisters: The Sis Kiss. You may have heard about them on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. Or maybe it was that time that mega-blogger Brittany a la Loverly Grey posted about them. Yeah, they’re kinda becoming a big deal!

  • 5 Practical Gifts for Men

    December 3, 2018
    Practical Gifts for Men Christmas 2018

    I used to be one of those people who would bend over backwards to find the most perfect, unique gift for my husband. But what I’ve realized over the years is that the gifts he actually uses and appreciates the most are those that are practical. Little things that he likes having a variety of, but wouldn’t necessarily go out and repeatedly buy for himself. So today I’m sharing 5 practical gifts for men that I’ve personally gifted (to my hubs, dad, brother, etc.), and that have gone over well!

  • Meach’s 12 Days of Giving [Day 4]

    November 30, 2018
    Where I'm From

    Welcome to Friday, my friends! We made it! And to reward you for getting through the week after Thanksgiving (it’s always a struggle, isn’t it?), today’s 12 Days of Giving prize is a $100 gift card to the one store Dane and I BOTH love to shop at. Do you know WHERE I’m talking about? That’s a hint, lol..

  • Meach’s 12 Days of Giving [Day 3]

    November 29, 2018
    Sephora Makeup Giveaway

    You guys, can I just say how much fun it is to be Santa? I think this needs to be my day job, so if anyone knows how I can apply, slide into my DMs. 😉 Anyways, today I’m super excited to share that my 12 Days of Giving prize comes from both MAC and Sephora at Beachwood Place! Here’s a list of all products included.