Chicago, Savannah, Austin, OH MY!

You guys… I SURVIVED! 😂

I’m not going to lie, I was super anxious about being gone three weekends in a row. I struggle with managing everything on my plate on a regular basis – as most of us do – so I’ve been worried about how these past few weekends would go since I booked them in January. Happy to report that despite being a little behind on my work, I made it out alive. AND I’m so excited to share some of my travel highlights with all of you! So…without any further ado, here’s a quick little highlight reel.

Trip #1: Chicago, Illinois
My husband and I flew to Chicago for our friend’s wedding. We were only in town for 48 hours, but we packed a ton into it: Dinner at Eataly, a welcome party hosted by the bride and groom, brunch at 3 Arts Club Cafe and of course the wedding itself. I also hit up the MAC store on The Magnificent Mile for a makeup application ahead of the wedding, as I always do since you just have to buy some product in exchange! It’s the best deal – I mean I’m going to buy the makeup at some point anyways, so why not take advantage?! 😉

The wedding was obviously the biggest highlight. There’s nothing better than throwing on a gown and dancing the night away with your best buds! But in addition to that, I really enjoyed our trip to 3 Arts. For those of you who don’t know, it’s this adorable cafe located inside of Restoration Hardware. The food is good, but people go for the ambiance, that’s for sure. Brick walls, comfy couches, sparkling chandeliers and tons of greenery – it’s honestly unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

The cafe is surrounded by a multi-story showroom, so anyone can go and just explore. They have grab-and-go beverages and pastries if you need a quick bite (I highly recommend the chocolate covered strawberry doughnut). If you want to actually sit and eat, though, go early! Dane and I got there 5 minutes after open and had to wait over 2 hours for a table. There were at least 75 people waiting in line to put their name in when we arrived!!

Trip #2: Savannah, Georgia
As you might have seen on my Instagram story, I traveled to Savannah with a group of 15 other girls for a bachelorette party! This wasn’t your typical bachelorette party in that there wasn’t an itinerary full of activities which I LOVED. Over our 4-day stay we had lots of time to do whatever we wanted. Along with a small group, I did a lot of walking and sight-seeing. The architecture in Savannah is INCREDIBLE. There’s something spectacular and beautiful on literally every corner. I also did a lot of eating, hah!

We ate dinner at the famous Old Pink House which was yummy, but my favorite meal was the crab pizza at Rocks on the River. I could eat pizza and seafood every day. Combine them? An instant masterpiece in my eyes! The pork tacos at Top Deck were also on point.

As far as activities go, we did a haunted pub crawl which alright…just not what I expected. But nothing could beat our kayak tour around Little Tybee Island with Savannah Canoe and Kayak. It was tougher than I had imagined, but a good morning workout with a gorgeous view. AND we saw DOLPHINS! They literally popped up out of the water right in front of us. The bride was hoping for that, so I was so glad she got her wish!

Trip #3: Austin, Texas
Austin was bachelorette party round 2 for me, but with a totally different crew. I was there for 3 full days, and boy were they packed full of fun: delicious dinners, a pedal wagon pub crawl, a visit to the famous “I love you so much” mural and lots of much-needed time relaxing poolside.

We stayed at Hotel Van Zandt, a Kimpton hotel, and it was stunning. The design was just breathtaking and the service even better. It was steps away from the popular Rainey Street, too, which is a street full of houses turned into indoor/outdoor bars and food trucks. That made it a great spot for a bachelorette party as girls could come and go as they please without concern!

My favorite meal was at Chicon!! I got the Grilled Chicken Breast which sounds so basic, but it was laid on top of a carrot puree which is what sold me. Since we explored a lot of the night-life I’ll say that the best bar (IMO) was Unbarlievable on Rainey Street. We went there on a Friday night which is their old school music night, so naturally there were some awesome tunes to dance to. I also liked Bangers for a Sunday Funday. Apparently they have fantastic brunch, but the wait was 2 hours so we just enjoyed the live music and a cold beer.

All in all, a fantastic, whirlwind month of travel for me. I’m happy to be back home for a bit, though, and get back into the swing of things. I’ll be heading to Puerto Rico and the hubs at the end of the month, so if you all have any suggestions please let me know! Also, please feel free to share your recent travel adventures in the comments. Dane and I want to take a trip together in the fall and we need ideas!

Thanks, loves. Chat soon!! Xo

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