Olivia Palermo for Banana Republic, Long Sleeve Tees and My Happy Place

Hi!! I’m so happy it’s Friday and so excited to be bringing you all a new Happy List! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this week has been a complete whirlwind. I’ve had some sort of after work activity every night, but you won’t find me complaining. I love having things to look forward to, especially during the week. I feel like it makes all the work that much more tolerable. Do you agree, or am I just crazy, haha?

In addition to having lots of fun this past week, here are the other things currently making me smile. Don’t forget to share your own Happy List in the comments.

Olivia Palermo for Banana Republic

As I mentioned on Monday, the folks at Banana Republic Crocker Park were so gracious in having me join them for an in-house event last Saturday. That same day they launched the new Olivia Palermo collection and OH. MY. GOSH. It’s seriously so freaking cute. I wanted EVERYTHING. The fabrics are super luxe and the colors are so rich. I know that pic up there is such a tease, so shop right here when you have a few minutes to browse the web.

Speaking of Monday, in the craziness of the week I totally dropped the ball in the Banana Republic gift card giveaway. I’m SO SORRY! The winner is BETH (@bhc1968 on Insta). Please DM me your email address on Insta and I’ll email you your prize.

Patterned Long Sleeve Tees

All hail my patterned long sleeve tees for keeping me sane in this crazy weather. Until recently I only had really basic long sleeve tees – like black, white, and grey. But over the past couple of months, as fall items have rolled out, I’ve picked up a few printed ones (lots of stripes). With the weather being as bonkers as it has been lately (50’s in the morning, high 70’s by noon), they’ve been my saving grace. I’ve been layering them under cardigans for my walk into work, then peeling off the extra layer as the day goes on. When I do have to strip off that extra layer, I still feel stylish thanks to these gems!

I’m wearing this one in the photo above, but I’m currently trying to settle on a color in this style. What do you guys think? I’m between the navy and the yellow. This one from Old Navy is basic in coloring, but it could still elevate an outfit since it has a detailed neckline. And then there’s this one that’s more of a relaxed/boyfriend-ish fit. Last, but certainly not least, I’m obviously obsessed with this leopard print variety. Gahh…so many options!!! Let me know if you guys want more.

The Cleveland Metroparks

It might come as a surprise to some, but I just love being outside. I especially love hiking and just exploring nature. It’s something that I did so frequently with my dad as a kid that it just became a part of me.
In an attempt to get out of the house and away from all technology, Dane and I have been exploring the metropark system here in Cleveland this summer. They seriously deserve a HUGE shout out – so consider this exactly that. There is honestly so much beauty to be seen in this world, even here in Ohio. The Cleveland Metroparks make exploring Northern Ohio so easy and accessible. I’m so grateful for that.
Oh, and BTW, I posted this pic on Insta a few weeks ago and got a ton of DMs about the sweatshirt and hat. The sweatshirt is currently sold out, but it’s from Aerie. They had it in a few colors, and it’s so comfy, so hopefully they’ll bring it back. Here’s a quick look at the current sweatshirts they have in stock. I can’t find the hat, either, but it’s from American Eagle. Now that I’m looking, I wish I would have seen this one first. So cute!! Should I get it, hehe? Dane might kill me. I buy so many hats and hardly wear them, lol, oops.
Well, that’s all for me! Again, please share your Happy List. I really want to hear. Love you all. Make it a great weekend.
Xx, Meach

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