An Oversized V Neck Sweater, Beachbody On Demand + YOU!

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Happy Friday, and HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL! I hope everyone’s had a productive week. Mine has been absolutely insane, both personally and professionally. Between my workload doubling at my day job and Hurricane Maria affecting so many of my loved ones it’s kind of been an emotional roller coaster. That said, I needed to create a happy list more than ever this week. The process itself was extra therapeutic, forcing me to realize that there’s good to be found even in the shittiest of situations. So here’s what I’ve got for you today. Please share your Happy List in the comments and/or on social using the hashtag #MYHAPPYLIST. Feel free to tag me, too. I want to see them!!!

Beachbody On Demand

I talk about this occasionally on my Insta story, but Beachbody workouts are my jam. I’ve done a bunch of their programs over the past 10 years, and I swear by them. So back in January I purchased their on demand service so I could have access to pretty much everything they’ve ever created. It’s been worth every penny – and it was only $100 (no seriously, you can learn more about it here)!
I’m super grateful for BOD during weeks like these where it would have been damn near impossible to schedule gym time, let alone the commute to and from. My body needs that daily rush of adrenaline. It centers me, helps me focus and helps to relieve stress. I needed all of that and then some this week!
PS – If you guys ever want me to review the Beachbody programs I’ve completed, let me know! I’d be happy to share my personal insights. Although I probably won’t show before/after photos, hehe. I’m not against them, I just don’t take them. I try to focus more on how I feel mentally and physically, that’s all.


That Oversized V Neck Sweater

All hail Express and the Express NEXT program for allowing me to snag that sweater up there for only $20!! I am such a sucker for a good deal. And as I mentioned in this post, I’m a pretty loyal Express shopper. Their rewards program definitely makes my hard work — errr, shopping — pay off. It’s the reason I was able to get such a great price on this piece. I cashed in like $40 of rewards. Totally worth it because I had been searching high and low for a basic oversized sweater that didn’t swallow my petite frame. This is THE ONE if you’re in the same position. I got a size XS which is what I normally get at Express. And, FYI, it comes in 3 colors. You can see them all and make your purchase right here .. you know you want to! 😉

My Friends, Family and YOU

Last, but certainly not least, I’m so grateful for the loyal, loving people in my life – you included. Last week I went on a little Insta story rant after I realized a bunch of my “friends” had unfollowed me. I wasn’t looking for pity. My message was essentially just “DO YOU” – regardless of what other people think. I’m all about people just being happy and creating a life that brings them genuine joy. I want that for EVERYONE. While it’s sad to say that some people who I thought would support me obviously don’t, I’m tremendously grateful for all of the love many of you showed me through comments and DMs.
In addition to that, this week I got to spend time with my family AND my high school crew which couldn’t have been more necessary. I feel so lucky to have met so many great friends in high school, even better that we still make it a point to spend time together and truly enjoy each other’s company. It was a great reminder that I still have plenty of wonderful people around me who support me, who I can count on, and who I can offer all of that and then some to as well!
Alrighty, girlies! I’m going to go pour me a glass of wine and figure out what I want for dinner. Love you all and THANK YOU for reading! Xx

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