My Happy List: Panera Delivery, Baseball and Beauty

Hey, ladies! Welcome to SEPTEMBER – so crazy. So I mentioned this on my Instagram story a few weeks back, but in case you missed it, today I’m launching a brand new series! It’s called “Happy List”, and it’s essentially just a quick rundown of things I’m personally excited about and/or grateful for. Things that are currently just making me happy.

Topics will range from products and services to people and places. I just figured it would be a fun way to end the week! You know, just talking about positive thangs. Please feel free to leave comments and tell me about the things that are currently making you smile, too. Cool?

Alright, here’s my Happy List for this week!

1. First off, I am absolutely THRILLED that today starts a long weekend. Having an extra day off makes such a difference. I love having time to catch up AND relax. Most weekends I have to choose, and catching up always seems to win. While I’m really sad we’re at this point of summer already, I’m welcoming the free time with open arms.

BTW- Did you catch yesterday’s post? I listed a ton of awesome sales happening this weekend, both in store and online. If you plan on looking for some goodies, but sure to check it out for coupon codes and other notes.

2. Speaking of good sales, Nordstrom Rack just started their “Clear the Rack” sale today! All sale items are an additional 25% off! My favorite find so far is the large pool floats. You know, those popular unicorn and flamingo floats you’ve seen all over social media? Well they have a TON of them on sale. One of them is under $8! I also really liked a couple pairs of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses – both pairs are now under $40! Links are below!

  • Large Smiley Emoji Pool Float (Shop)
  • Large Flamingo Pool Float (Shop)
  • Large Unicorn Pool Float (Shop)
  • Large Pineapple Pool Float (Shop)
  • Large Swan Pool Float (Shop)
  • Dolce and Gabbana Women’s Lace Retro Acetate Frame Sunglasses (SHOP)
  • Dolce and Gabbana Women’s Cat Eye Acetate Frame Sunglasses (SHOP)
3. If you didn’t already know, I’m absolutely obsessed with leopard print. And right now, I just can’t get over the leopard print shoe trend. They can literally go with EVERYTHING. Black, brown, chartreuse; Jeans, dresses, skirts – you name it. The ones pictured above are unfortunately sold out (they’re Sam Edelman and I found them at DSW), but Nordstrom has an insane selection of women’s leopard print sandals, heels and booties! So there’s something for everyone, no matter what kind of climate you live in. You can see/shop them all right here if you’re interested!
I’m going to leave it at that for today! Don’t forget, I’m not going to be doing a Monday post next week because of the holiday. I just want all of us to be able to enjoy your families. I’ll see you guys back here on Tuesday, or you can keep up with me over the weekend on Instagram. I’m sure I’ll be capturing tidbits of my weekend. Enjoy whatever it is you’re going to be doing!
Xx, Meach

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