This is How I’ve Taken Control of My Time and Ultimately My Life

Hey, girlies! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was actually amazing. I dropped off the grid with some friends and enjoyed a few beautiful fall days. Nothing beats 70 degrees and sunny, especially when there’s not a cloud in the sky! We hiked (12 miles!!), we ate (tacos and breakfast sliders and then some), and we laughed so damn hard. It was exactly what my mind, body and soul needed. Do you guys crave those “off the grid” getaways as much as I do? Feels like I’m needing them more and more these days.

Anyways, I apologize for skipping yesterday’s post. I couldn’t get my mind off of the gut-wrenching news that came out of Las Vegas yesterday morning. I can’t even begin to comprehend how someone could be so vicious. I was sick to my stomach (still am), and I honestly didn’t know what to say. Rather than posting I kind of  just threw myself a bone and gave myself the night off. Thanks for understanding. My heart goes out to all affected.

On a more positive note, a few months ago I read a game-changing book. It’s called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***” by Mark Manson (SHOP IT HERE). Don’t judge the book by its title, it’s actually pretty great (personally, I think the title is great, too, lol). It really got me thinking, and it helped me to pinpoint what my values are and where my priorities should be. One of my biggest takeaways was that I had been wasting a ton of time on things I don’t value, but then neglecting things I do. Pretty ass backwards, right?

I ultimately decided that I had to take control of my time. It’s something so valuable, yet so limited (as reinforced by recent happenings), and we ALL take it for-granted. So today I just want to share a few things I’ve been doing to make sure I spend my time wisely. Obviously I’m human and I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’m big on self improvement. If you’re in the same boat, then I hope these help you out!

I Say “No”:  
Self-awareness is something I feel I’ve mastered. I know my limits, what stresses me out, what gives me anxiety, etc. Despite being a social person, having too many social events on my calendar actually weighs on me. I’ve always known that I need down time in order to stay sane, but I’ve always said “yes” to most invitations out of pure guilt and obligation. Truth is, I WISH I could do it all. But going to every birthday party, shower, dinner, etc. I’m invited to actually stresses me out. Maybe it sounds silly, but learning how to say no and actually exercising that right has helped me tremendously. I feel far more calm, and when I do get out to socialize I appreciate it and truly look forward to it!

I Disconnect: 
When I’m not working or blogging, I’m TRYING to get off of my phone/computer. Trust me, it’s so hard. Like many of you, I’m used to grabbing my phone every second I have down time. But I started small and I’m working on it. For instance, when I go to get a cup of coffee at work I leave my phone at my desk and talk to whoever’s in the kitchen. When I find myself laying on my couch scrolling aimlessly and for no good purpose, I grab a book. In getting offline I’ve read more, spent more time on my blog (my favorite hobby) and spent more time with the people I love.

I Plan:
Specifically, I plan things that are important to me. Little things like cooking healthy meals, seeing my family, working out, and chatting with my friends. I’ve always been a planner when it comes to my professional life, so it’s strange that I spent so many years “winging it” with my free time. Planning to do the things I enjoy has helped me to make sure I actually do them all consistently… and not haphazardly! It also gives me something to look forward to outside of work. And with all of the extra time I make for myself by saying no and disconnecting, I still have time to do nothing every once in a while. A few months ago, and for quite a few years, that honestly NEVER happened. I know, I know, I did it to myself.

Three simple points, but together they’ve truly helped me to lay my focus on the things and people that are nearest and dearest to my heart. How do you control you time? Why do you feel it’s important? Please feel free to add your own thoughts and ideas in the comments.

Xx, Meach

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