Relaxing Gift Ideas for the Overworked Woman

I feel like I’m writing this post for myself, haha. But seriously, how many of you feel like all you ever do is work? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that I’m not alone. So for today’s posted I’ve decided to provide some relaxing gift ideas for the overworked woman – whether that woman is you or someone you love!

My idea of relaxation is just being home. I love creating my own little spa days – a nice hot bath, exfoliating scrub, moisturizing hair and face masques, etc. I also love wrapping up in a blanket like a big burrito and snuggling on the couch. So my picks all reflect these personal preferences and then some (like the fact that I could live in a robe and pajamas).

I hope you find something (or several things) perfect for that overworked woman on your list! And if that overworked woman is you, don’t hesitate to share this on social to give Santa a subtle little hint. 😉

Relaxing Gift Ideas for the Overworked Woman

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