Romwe Black Friday Deal Reveal [Plus a Coupon Code]

Romwe Black Friday Deals
Romwe Black Friday Deals
Romwe Black Friday Deals
Romwe Black Friday Deals

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! In addition to my friends and family, today I’m super thankful for all of you. As I’ve said in the past, blogging has been something I’ve dabbled in on and off for years. I’d start, stop, start again, for a multitude of reasons. But back in March when I decided I wanted to commit and just do the damn thing, I told myself I just needed to start and be as consistent as possible. It’s crazy how things have progressed so quickly over the past 8 months, and it’s because of all of you who drop by to read what I have to say. So THANK YOU! I appreciate it more than you know.

Okay, now moving on from the mushy stuff, lol. Let’s talk BLACK FRIDAY deals! Yesterday I told you about some of my favorite sales, but today I’m teaming up with the folks at Romwe to announce their big Black Friday plans. Are you ready for it?!

Romwe Black Friday Deal Reveal:

For Black Friday 2017, Romwe will be offering…


Romwe Black Friday Coupon Code:

Since you’re a loyal MVS reader, you can enjoy $5 off ANYTHING (no purchase minimum) when you use the code myversati5 at checkout!

My Romwe Outfit Details:

The $20 coat I’m wearing in the photos above (SHOP HERE) was gifted to me by Romwe (and so is this). It’s perfect for layering over dresses, but it also does wonders for a casual outfit. I ordered a small based on reviews, but I wish I would have ordered a medium (which is a size up from my typical size) so that it was a bit more comfortable with thick sweaters underneath. Just some food for thought if you plan to order. The rest of my outfit are pieces I already had, but I found very similar items on the Romwe website that I’ve linked below. I mean, you might as well spend that free $5, right?! 😉

Well, happy shopping friends! And I sincerely hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving. I’ll be spending time with my family, but I’ll be attentive to the blog – so if you have questions about the Romwe sale (or anything else for that matter) let me know!

Xx, Meach


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