Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him [All Under $15]

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Well, I told you all last week that I was going to follow up my “15 Affordable Stocking Stocking Stuffers for Her” post with a version for the guys, and today I’m here to deliver!

Before jumping into my ideas, I do want to note that all of the items below were found on Amazon. I *think* most were prime eligible, but don’t quote me. I have to point out, though, that businesses on Amazon alter pricing quite frequently. So while today all of these items are under $15, I can’t promise what tomorrow will bring. So don’t bite my head off if they go up. 😉

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

The photos below are shoppable, but here’s a quick rundown of each item! 

  1. Massage Balls:

    These can be used on the back, legs, feet, etc. Who doesn’t like (or desperately need) a massage a few times a week?

  2. Computer Glasses:

    Call me dorky, but I have these and I love them! They protect your eyes from the blue light of screens. Perfect for anyone who’s on a computer/cell phone frequently.

  3. Chapstick:

    My husband could live without eating for 10 days, but he can’t go 10 minutes without his chapstick. I thought this set was cool because it’s specifically branded for guys. In the reviews it says it has a little less shine to it, too, which I know Dane would appreciate.

  4. Ten Foot iPhone Chargers:

    If the guys in your life are anything like mine, they’re constantly killing their phone batteries watching random videos online, haha. The extra long charger cable is super handy, especially if you have outlets in strange/distant places!

  5. Stainless Steel Whisky Cubes:

    A cool little gift for those who like their drinks “on the rocks”, but not drowning in water.

  6. Cool Looking Key Chain:

    Why not? LOL that’s all I have to say…

  7. Shoe Horn:

    A handy, dandy tool you don’t really ever think you need, but then fall in love with once you have it!

  8. Notebook:

    I know my husband appreciates a good notebook and pen set, so I figured other guys might, too.

  9. Pens:

    These go with the notebook. 😉 They have a great rating for the price point!

  10. Thug Kitchen:

    This cookbook is a huge hit, and the recipes are all actually really healthy! With a name like that, maybe we can all get those non-domesticated men excited about cooking once in a while. LOL!

  11. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck:

    This is the best book I’ve read this year. I actually highly recommend it for both men and women!

  12. Clip On Bluetooth Speaker:

    My husband takes his EVERYWHERE. Whether we’re on vacation or just going to the park, he has one of these bad boys so he’s always ready to play DJ.

  13. Dress Socks:

    Because they’ll use them, and when they’re colorful they’re that much more fun!

  14. Bath Bomb:

    This one is made for men, at least that’s what the title says! Don’t worry, reviews say it won’t stain your tub.

  15. Gift Cards:

    I like getting gift card packs that can be broken up into smaller gifts. For instance, I’ll give my husband a few $10 Chipotle gift cards or something of that nature so that I know that once in a while he might actually buy himself lunch, haha! He skips lunch so often. I could NEVER!!! LOL! I keep the extra cards in my purse in case I need a gift on a whim!

Hope these are all helpful! Let me know what you think!! Xx

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