Affordable Women’s Chenille Sweaters

Affordable Women's Chenille Sweaters

Affordable Women's Chenille Sweaters

Affordable Women's Chenille Sweaters

Good morning from Cape Coral, Florida! Clearly I took these pictures before we left Ohio…and before the temps there fell into the single digits, lol! But I had to show you all this cozy women’s chenille sweater that my friends at SheIn sent me. I’ve been wanting a chenille sweater since the fall, but I’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger because I wasn’t sure the trend would last. I finally gave in because, whether the trend lasts or not, I am in love with this material!!!

Chenille is seriously so soft and warm (which is crucial in Ohio), and I love that it has a slight shimmer to it as well. It makes even the most basic silhouettes appear a bit more dressy. The hunter green hue on this particular piece stole my heart, but of course – like everything else I seem to buy online – it sold out before I could even tell you all about it (sighhh). SO, while I linked it below in case it restocks, here some other women’s chenille sweaters I love. They’re all from SheIn and very affordable!



Just to remind you, ALWAYS(!!!) look at the size charts when you order from here. While I have a lot of luck shopping at SheIn, sizing definitely varies by piece. Looking at the size chart is imperative to ordering items that fit properly.

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season thus far! I apologize for seemingly falling off the grid these past few weeks, but with all of the traveling and family events it’s been crazy. And, honestly, I’ve just been giving myself some time to take it all in. I promise, though, that during my downtime I’ve been planning for 2018 and I have so much fun stuff in store! I’m going to start vlogging, doing more product reviews, etc. If there’s something you want to see, this is the time to let me know!!

Love you all! Chat soon!


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