Bright Pink Sweater Weather [& 20+ Valentine’s Day Tops]

Bright Pink Sweater Options for Valentine's Day 2018

Valentine's Day Sweaters 2018

Bright Pink Sweater Options for Valentine's Day 2018

When it comes to holidays, are you the festive type? I totally am. I don’t even care if it’s a Hallmark holiday, if there’s a reason to celebrate something, count me in. It doesn’t have to be a whole ordeal, but at the very least I like putting together an outfit that’s fitting for the occasion. Hence this oversized bright pink sweater I recently bought with Valentine’s Day in mind.

As you guys know, I’m all about versatility. So while I think sweaters covered in cute hearts are absolutely adorable, I’m not going to go buy one because I know it will be worn once, maybeeee twice a year. So like this bright pink sweater, when I dress for any given holiday I tend to opt for a basic piece in a festive color (although I do have some ugly Christmas sweaters, but who doesn’t?).

If you’re into doing the same, or would like to start, I figured I’d make your life a little easier. So I scoured the internet to find and link a bunch of bright pink, light pink and even red sweater options that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. All are below, including the one I’m wearing (it’s from Express and is currently on sale; This one is super similar.). Let me know if there’s any other V-Day content (like gift ideas) you all want me to produce. I try to limit myself on holiday posts because I know EVERYONE does them. But if you want them, I’m more than willing to create.

Bright Pink Sweaters for Valentine’s Day 2018

Light Pink Sweaters for Valentine’s Day 2018

Red Sweaters for Valentine’s Day 2018


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