How to Travel More When You Work Full Time

How to Travel More When You Work Full Time

How to Travel More When You Work Full Time

As I mention on my “about me” page, the best way for me to keep myself motivated is to fill my calendar with trips. Having something to look forward to just keeps me going. Because of this, Dane and I make it a point to get away several times a year. Naturally, I tend to post about our trips on social media, and one of the questions I’ve gotten for years is how we do it – financially and with work. Today I’m going to cover the latter, giving you 5 tips on how to travel more when you work full time.

First, let me be clear that we do not travel as a result of this blog. Dane and I work a lot, both putting in 11-12 hours most days. We’re not rich, either, and when we travel Dane actually has to forgo pay because the nature of his job. So It’s definitely not easy, but it can be done. Without any further ado, here are 5 tips for those of you who want to travel more while working full time.

How to Travel More When You Work Full Time

  1. You have to actually want to travel.

    This is listed at the number one spot for a reason. Unless you have endless piles of cash in the bank, there’s always going to be a trade off or sacrifice that has to be made when you want something. For Dane and I, being able to travel is worth skipping out on fancy dinners, drinks with friends, buying the latest iPhone, etc. Don’t get me wrong, we love all of these things, but we just love travel more. If you would rather have a material item, that’s fine, no judgement. But don’t go getting jealous when you see your friends climbing waterfalls in Jamaica on your Instagram story.

  2. Travel over holidays.

    If you get national holidays off, take advantage! Building a holiday into a trip is like getting a free day off. A lot of times we travel home on holidays or put them in the middle of our trip. That’s because, generally speaking, traveling a day or two ahead of a national holiday can be more costly.

  3. Negotiate your vacation days.

    Travel is so important to me that I’m willing to fight for more vacation days! This is much easier to do when you’re first starting a job, but if you’re currently employed there’s no harm in asking. Often times companies are willing to have that conversation, especially if it means it’ll save them money. You don’t get what you don’t ask for.

  4. Extend your business trips.

    If you regularly travel somewhere cool or interesting for work, piggy-back off one of your trips. Even if you just stay through the weekend, a short getaway is better than no getaway at all. You’ll get to explore a new place, meet some new people and save money on airfare!

  5. Take a road trip.

    Dane and I love road trips! Luckily, we’re within 5 hours of some pretty cool places, but I’m sure you are, too! A weekend road trip is a great way to create memories and clear your mind. So long as you’re staying close, you won’t need more than a 3-day weekend to get it done.

In a given year, Dane and I typically take 2 weeklong vacations and 2-3 road trips. That’s an average of 1.25 trips per quarter! Imagine how refreshed you would feel if you could travel every 3 months. And how excited you’d feel if you always had something to look forward to! You CAN do it. At the end of the day, you just have to have the desire and discipline to make it happen.

So now that you’re inspired, tell me in the comments – WHERE WILL YOU BE TRAVELING NEXT? 😉



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