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My Versatile Style - A Midwest Life and Style Blog by Meach Zavodny

My Versatile Style – A Midwest Life and Style Blog

About the Blog

My Versatile Style is a personal blog founded on midwestern values and inspired by global trends. Created by me, Meach Zavodny, it covers fashion, beauty, food, travel, entertainment and recreation.

Our readers have a lot on their plate, yet they consistently strive to put her best foot forward. They depend on MVS to discover new brands, products, efficiencies and ideas. So we deliver all that and then some, with the ultimate goal of injecting big-city vibes into their small-town lives.

About the Author

A Cleveland native, I always thought that I wanted to spend my life in a major city like New York or Los Angeles. The food, the fashion, the pace, the people, they truly have so much to offer a multi-passionate creative like me. But when I moved to NYC after college I began to realize and appreciate the advantages of midwest living (like green space and free parking, haha, but seriously). And for several reasons, mainly friends and family, I decided to return to my roots.

Determined to work within the life and style industry from my north coast home, I started this blog. My vision for My Versatile Style is to bridge the gap between the world’s trendiest cities and the great midwest. Not just to help my people stay on top of what’s cool, but to prove that the midwest has plenty of cool, too.

Aside from creating for MVS, I’m a contract marketing professional for a few small-to-medium sized businesses. I do my best to live an active, healthy lifestyle, but I’ll never say no to champagne or pizza. In my free time I love traveling with my awesome husband, Dane, spending time with my friends and family and practicing my photography skills.

(FYI, if you want to know more about me, I shared some random facts here!)

Let’s be Friends

I like to think of my posts as conversation starters. So please don’t ever hesitate to drop your two cents in the comments! If you ever need to reach me directly, you can email me at Or just slide into my DMs on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (be sure to follow me, too). Whatever’s best for you! I’ll do my best to respond either directly or indirectly through a post.

Hugs and kisses from Cleveland,